The year 2010

Every 2 months, my church in KL would ask for prayer request to be posted in their prayer letters. In the end year of 2010, I decided to reflect on my year instead. And this is what I wrote.

The past month has been very hectic and stressful. The end year always is trying with many admin work to keep tab on, and some patients keep cancelling and changing appointment in my already packed schedule. Every morning, I pray for strength and reminder of His goodness. He always re-energises me, but sometimes, it’s a struggle for me to keep remembering Him when work becomes overburdening.

As I reflect in the past month, I realise that I have been too performance-based. And I feel frustrated when my children don’t progress as much as I think they can. Perhaps it is a time to pause and remember that they parents and children and that my real focus is to be Him.

Sometimes I feel helpless as to what to do with some severe patients. But God never fails to remind me that each of them are special and His love is overflowing through us. To be able to help them a little brings much satisfaction, even though they may not show much progress. The hope of these parents in their children helps to keep me going.

Thank you for continue to be on this journey with me.

The year 2011 crept in without me noticing….and it’s again the time for preparing and submitting statistics and reports of the past year. So much work! But as always, God has a way to keep me hanging by his grace.

A summary of the report:
Total patients seen in 2008 – 1088
Total patients seen in 2009 – 1272
Total patients seen in 2010 – 1540

While the number of patients seen should increase, I wonder if the quality suffers from it. Nevertheless, I know I’ve tried my best and though I complain a lot about the parents, they do encourage me a lot.

To another eventful year in 2011 =)

Happy New Year!


~ by enniey on January 13, 2011.

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