Tiny miracle

SN is a 5-week-old baby. He was born prematured, has bilateral cleft lip and palate, a hole in the heart, and had a very bad sepsis. He nearly lost his life in in his first week. At 3 weeks old, he contracted bronchopneumonia, which thankfully resolved a week later.

SN was referred to me for feeding management. He has very good sucking, considering that he was put on tube feeding since birth. We started on bottle feeding 2 weeks ago and he seemed to be tolerating it very well.

And now, from 1.8 kg, he has gained weight to 2.27kg. And most importantly, according to the dietitian, SN has adequate caloric intake without the need of supplementaries.

From fighting for his life, to gaining weight. It’s almost an unbelievable achievement. I am very encouraged by this tiny miracle. I feel like I can go on now…..


~ by enniey on June 24, 2009.

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