Keep moving….

No sooner have I said that I’ll scream if I have to move my clinic again, I got the news…..I have to move again.

This time, it’s because a ward will be undergoing renovation and the only place they can move to is my ‘current’ clinic because it was a ward. Sounds confusing. I’m not sure how to explain this either. So while the renovation takes place, I’ll have to move somewhere else, and then move back to the ‘current’ place (which I’ve no idea what it means anymore) once the renovation work is done.

So I have and will be shifting a number of times in the span of a few months. Thank goodness I’m allowed to store my furniture in my ‘current’ place as the new room is too small to fit all my stuffs.

I was told it’s only for 5 weeks. I hope so too.

I’m burnt out and stressed out. Somebody suggested that I should take a holiday. What they didn’t know is that I came back from Hong Kong only less than a month ago!


~ by enniey on June 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Keep moving….”

  1. one step at a time

  2. Unfortunately sometimes, I have to take a few steps at a time! =P

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