The story of the lift

Good things do happen in the midst of the bad. If not, I would not have found out that after moving to 3rd floor, that the lift is an enemy to 3 of my autistic children.

Although it’s still manageable to take the stairs, it would be good for them to learn not to fear the lift, so that their parents can take them to other places. You can’t expect to take the stairs to 8th floor, can you?

HY is one such child, who screamed and cried at the thought of going into the lift. His father had to hold him while he trembled.

So, it’s a challenge for me to take the fear out of him. It’s important to try to understand what caused the fear. It’s an enclosed space in which you do not know for how long you are trapped inside. It can be a very scary place for children. So, helping them to turn the unexpected into the expected is very important.

We did a social story, in which I drew out a booklet regarding steps of going into the lift and how long the child had to wait before going out of the lift. After going through the theory, we tested the practical.

HY refused to enter the lift. Forcing him into the lift would only exacerbate his fear. So I went in first to show him it’s safe. Then following the booklet, he pressed the button of the floor and looked at the floor indicator to know how long he had to wait in the lift before the door opened. And voila, he didn’t scream or cry!

We went to the park for a while and prepared him to take the lift again. This time, he already knew what to do and we had no problem at all.

When it was time to go home, only HY and his mother took the lift. HY’s mother thought he’s less afraid with me around. I bid them farewell and ran down the stairs to see if there’s any problem.

I reached the bottom of the stairs as they went out the lift. I hid myself and HY’s mother looked back and shouted that they had no problem.

I felt like that’s a big achievement. I told HY’s mother, now they can bring him to the hotels!


~ by enniey on May 19, 2009.

One Response to “The story of the lift”

  1. Simple accomplishments, but oh, how lives are changed!! =D

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