What’s waiting back here?

I was away in Hong Kong for about 2 weeks. A much needed break for myself. When I went back to Taiping, other than getting working blues, I was also in for other surprises.

My clinic was shifted to 3rd floor. Previously it was on ground floor. They turned the ward that I was occupying into the emergency swine flu or H1N1 flu ward. Due to logistic reason, I guess. No cases yet (phew!)

Because my clinic is on 3rd floor, my patients will have to take the lift or stairs. This won’t be a problem….if some my patients weren’t autistic. One child was crying histerically due to the change and also fear of the lift. So we had to carry out therapy in the park where I did social story regarding steps in entering and getting out of the lift.

Later in the evening, another one of my autistic child also got distressed, but by a lesser degree. We also did the social story, and after the practical session, he was happily using the lift. I’m glad!

I have no idea how long we’ll be put up there. I was told it’s a temporary measure. But if we have to move everytime there is a pandemic, I would go crazy! Who enjoys moving house?

The working blues is slowly disappearing. I’m back to being ‘happy’ again doing what I’m doing. And going back to being a workaholic!

Back to reality. Life’s routine.


~ by enniey on May 13, 2009.

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