New and re-found interests

Jogging whenever I can.

Taking the chance even if it looks like it’s going to rain. There were a few times I was caught in a drizzle. Extremely good motivation to run! Now I can jog the whole Taiping Lake without any problem. And it helps me to release my stress!

Cooking for my on-call housemates.

It’s nice doing something nice for your good friends. And seeing their smiles when you send food to ward. Extremely therapeutic. And at least for an hour, I don’t think about work!

And the drive to do all these – work stress!


~ by enniey on April 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “New and re-found interests”

  1. haha… u brought us to eat outside last time also because u want to relieve stress? at least u can forget it for one hour?!!!

  2. too bad i din do my housemanship with you…no luck….hehe..

  3. wah…you bring food to the ward? can u fedex some food to me ka? hahaha… just fedex to kuching..

  4. Bernard, it was partly my ‘caring’ nature and also a big part to get out of stress for 1 hour. Haha!

    Eric, what makes you think I would cook for you…even if you did housemanship with me? =P

    Jaime, food tastes great when you are stressed and tired…therefore my food’s only for on call friends. Haha! Besides, you are the more celebrated cook than I am. I can’t bake!

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