Taiping oh Taiping

Let’s face it…there’s really nothing much to do in Taiping. The most happening thing here is Tesco. But it’s more for grocery shopping rather than shopping shopping. No cinema. No shopping shopping malls. No MPH (no need to mention Borders or Kinokuniya). There’s a new cafe that serves better coffee than Starbucks and at half the price. Well, you just have to find excitement in every new thing that appears. Or create excitement for yourself =)

What to do to alleviate boredom and de-stress in Taiping:

1. Join line dancing
Yes…most of them are aunties but they are really pro! They have been dancing for the past 6-7 years. If you think we dance to oldies…..well think again. We actually dance to ‘Don’t Cha’ by Pussycat Dolls. Seriously!

2. Join aerobics cum belly dancing
Yes….you read right. This combo just happened to come along. I thought it looked quite fun after watching a Chinese independant film ‘My Mother Is A Belly Dancer’ (sounds corny but it’s actually a good film’). It is actually very fun and you’ll sweat giler. A good workout after a long stressful day.

3. Challenge someone to UNO Stacko
I confess….I bought this game because it’s the cheapest in the market. But I had great fun with it and had managed to coerce a number of friends to play this with me. My faithful and favourite challenger – Victor.

We actually played till there’s no way we can take out any block without toppling the entire tower. And the whole tower shook dangerously for a very long time. This is not a game for the shaky hands.

I call this an achievement!

4. Cook for your housemate
My housemate didn’t think I can be so domestic. I actually make her eat dinner (because I’ll cook her share). And I prefer to cook than eat out. And surprise surprise….Nalini has even caught the excitement bug of cooking herself. Sometimes, our conversation even turned to planning what to cook =)

5. Cook for your friends who are on call
Might as well go one step further. It’s difficult to cook for one person. Might as well cook for 2 or more persons. So far, only Chui Yain and Chee Hoe have been the recipients. It’s actually very nice packing food for them. It sorts of give them some cheer (I hope it does).

6. Go to the zoo
Recently, I organised a zoo outing with two autistic kids, whom I’ve worked with in Ipoh.

G’s whole family came.

G (right) with his brother.

JL came with his mother.

It’s nice to see them get all excited. If you ask JL what animal he wanted to see….it’s only elephants. You should see his face when we finally got to the elephants. He was talking non-stop about the elephants!

JL is an example of what a modern child is like.

Mother: Where can you see tigers?
JL: At the zoo.
Mother: Where can you see fish?
JL: In the fridge.

JL was asked to share his hotdog with G’s brother, GL. JL went to GL, and asked him repeatedly, “Do you want the hotdog?” GL kept ignoring him. Poor JL was trying so hard to get a response from GL. What do you get when you ask two autistic children to communicate? JL just went to G and put out his hand with the hotdog. G took it. They went to their separate ways. No verbal exchanges is needed.

I need to see these children once in a while to keep me sane. If not, I’ll miss them too much =)

7. Invite friends to Ipoh or Taiping
Recently, 3 friends stayed over at my house in Ipoh. As usual, Ipoh is all about eating. Having friends over is an excuse to go on an eating spree. A criteria for coming to Ipoh – you must have a bottomless pit. Unfortunately, these 3 GUYS have very shallow pits. Sae Rom alone can beat all three of them anytime. What a shame! They have done grave injustice to Ipoh. Ipohans take eating very seriously!

8. Go to Penang for a day trip
Done that a few times. But I wouldn’t do it all alone. Economical and geographical (I’m still very lost in Penang) reasons.

9. Blog
About my excitement-less, adventure-less, social-less and happening-less life. Oh how interesting! (Why are you still reading? =p)

10. Yet to be done
Take a midnight train to KL. Drive up north through small towns just for the heck of it. Walk all the way up and down Maxwell Hill (anyone up for the challenge?). Start a story telling club for preschoolers. Thinking of keeping a pet.

Any other suggestions?


~ by enniey on January 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Taiping oh Taiping”

  1. hmm, seems you’ve been rather domesticated since moving to taiping, ever thought of other activities revolving around that – like er, cleaning, ironing, and even more extreme, sewing, knitting, baking cookies? a lot more that you can do!!

    and then u can also go for a picnic at lake gardens (it’s lake gardens in taiping right?)

  2. my dear, be thankful in ALL circumstances..

    and here’s what you can be thankful for:
    1. TESCO
    – there ain’t anything NEAR to the likes of TESCO or JUSCO or CARREFOUR where i am at.. we’re got grocery shops some what like Ee Chan in Pasir Pinji..and maybe a smaller version of THE STORE..

    2. AEROBICS cum Belly Dancing
    – I’ve watched that show before..quite funny eh.. πŸ™‚ way to go girl…shake your bon bons.. ahahah..

    3. UNO Stacko challenge
    – you have at least someone to challenge… or who’s willing to challenge you..

    4. Zoo and organised trips..
    – the closest mini zoo to me is in the next country – not very convenient for organised trips esp if the participants don’t have passports

    5. Visit Ipoh/Taiping 2008
    – doubt many people would consider visiting Limbang just for the heck of it due to its inconvenience being sandwiched in between Brunei and the pricey flight fares. However, i really appreciate a handful who have come visit!! it is always so nice to have somebody familiar come share my experiences of this ‘strange’ land.

    6. One day trips to Penang
    – at least you don’t need passports to enter Penang. I need passports to do one day trips to Brunei.

    7. Blogging
    – it helps keep you sane. Plus your friends will be able to know what you are up to in ol’ Taiping.

    8. Yet to Be done
    – the maxwell hill challenge sounds good eh.. i would join u if i was in taiping. Think you’ve got some pretty good ideas up your sleeves la. You can always take a book and chill at lake gardens.. and yeah, maybe can venture into baking..

    there are others who have it worst – those who have to take 2 hours boat ride to where they teach.. or those who have to rely on generator for electricity..

    and when you start thinking of them, you then will realise that it’s ok even if there’s no McDonalds or Coffee Bean or Starbucks or Borders or cineplexes in Limbang..

    You’ll be fine la πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining and whining….I’m actually not =) One just have to be contended with what one have or can find to do. I thank God I can live without shopping malls and cinemas. Imagine if I could not….I’ll be worse off. Haha.

    Have taken a book to read at Lake Garden before. The tricky thing is when…as it rains quite frequently these days. Have visited the museum by myself. People think I’m weird doing all these things. Unfortunately, Victor is back in Australia. I’ll have to find a new person to challenge. Cleaning and ironing is part of life.

    I must say, Taiping has its way of making up for what it lacks in commercial terms. It has nature – zoo and Lake Garden.

    Am finding small towns more and more endearing….and I don’t mean Taiping (it’s big by definition). Would love to visit Limbang one day! And hop over to Brunei the next day.

    If I’m stuck in my house on a rainy day, I take comfort in knowing I still have my books for company =)

  4. Other suggestion: Get a BF πŸ˜€

    Come to penang call me up lah…i bring u around…

  5. Hi,

    Interesting read on Taiping town and your life with the kids.. Wish you all the best in the year of the rat..


  6. Hi,
    Heard of a new activity in Taiping?There is a horse riding center call Taiping Equine Park located on the road to Maxwell Hills just before Tunas Bakti. Try the horse therapy for the kids.

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