Been MIA for about a month. Been extremely busy. Been exhausted. Been overworked. Been burnout. But am enjoying every moment of it.

It might sound weird. How can the word ‘burnout’ fraternize with ‘enjoyment’? I never knew it could. Although I come back home exhausted everyday, and I hate waking up early in the morning, but I find myself easily energized while driving to work.

I actually didn’t mind staying late in the centre to finish up my work. It’s actually an achievement if I go back the same time as the rest. I don’t need to work on Saturdays. But I find myself organising activities such as parents’ meeting and group therapy sessions on alternate Saturdays. And it didn’t feel like a dread going to work on a weekend.

I feel that life is filled with purpose. I enjoy working with each and every child. Indeed I thank God for the meaningful little things he puts in my life.

God wants us to delight in him. And I’m feeling so much of it right now.


~ by enniey on June 11, 2007.

One Response to “MIA”

  1. about time someone posted something…. and yet you could complain no one writes anything on your site.. aiseh man.. you have to write something before anyone could comment, right?

    well, feeling exhausted and enjoying it.. well, I guess different people has different ways of enjoying their work. And it’s a great thing that you are not dreading your work. The worst feeling is getting up knowing that you have to go to work everyday.. (hmm, am I not feeling that right now??)

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